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Why You Need the Right Foot Pain Solutions

In most cases, foot pain is caused by shoes that do not properly support the feet, drying of the skin in this area and cracking, and the presence of many hours in the same position, which hinders the venous return, favoring swelling.

However, when the pain in the feet is localized in a certain region, it is constant, very strong and appears as soon as you set foot on the floor when you wake up, it is important to go to the orthopedist for tests to help find the cause of this pain. See a list of the main causes of foot pain .

Do a foot scaling

The first strategy to combat foot pain is to do a scalding feet with warm water, but enough not to burn the skin, leaving your feet soggy for about 20 to 30 minutes. This strategy is great for when you’ve been walking all day long, standing for a long time, or wearing an uncomfortable shoe or squeezing, relieving pain in the heel and sole of your foot.

To do this scalp feet should be soaked in a basin or bucket, fully immersed for about 20 minutes and if possible, you can also add a few drops of an essential oil in the water or some leaves of eucalyptus, for example.

Lie with your feet up

Lying on the couch or bed and putting a high cushion under your feet helps improve the return of blood to the heart and therefore improves lymphatic drainage by swelling the feet and relieving pain and feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Massage with essential oils

Massage with essential oils, in addition to being a great way to relieve foot pain at the end of the day, also helps activate specific reflexology points that relieve tension throughout the body, creating a sense of well-being. See a step-by-step complete with photos on how to do this massage at home .

Make a contrast bath

The contrast bath consists of placing your feet in one bucket with hot water and then placing them in another with iced water. This sudden change in temperature helps activate blood circulation and eliminate excess fluid from the legs and feet, which is usually the main responsible for the onset of pain.

To make the contrast bath, you should put your feet in the bucket of hot water for 3 minutes and then move to the bucket with the cold water, leaving for another minute.

Move with your feet

When pain in the feet arises closer to the ankle joint, for example, small circular movements can be made by keeping the foot in the air. This exercise helps to relieve weight on the foot, but also allows you to warm up the joint, helping to alleviate some of the pain.

First, you can start by making movements in the clockwise direction, but then you should switch to the clockwise direction, repeating with one foot at a time.